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Weather in Camps Bay

When you’re on holiday at our Camps Bay guesthouse the weather plays a pivotal role in your holiday. Knowing what to expect of the weather will help you plan what activities you can do and what clothes to bring while on your vacation at Atholl House. Keep in mind that Cape Town is infamous for having its own unique season where you experience winter, summer, autumn and spring all in one day!

Camps Bay experiences a climate similar to that of the Mediterranean with mild, moderately wet winters and warm, dry summers. The average temperatures in winter vary between 8 C and 18 C. Summers can reach scorching temperatures but this is often soothed by a cool sea breeze. The Atlantic Ocean averages about 13 C throughout the year.


Summer is the height of the tourist season in Camps Bay and it’s always good to book your accommodation with Atholl House ahead of time to make sure you have a spot. The palm-lined beaches are visited by locals and international tourists. Many have spotted a celebrity at Camps Bay’s Blue Flag beach over the summer season you can expect the summer season from December to March to be warm and windy. You can expect the odd rainy day in Camps Bay but this rarely lasts more than 2 days and often clears up on the same day.


The weather is still warm through the autumn months although cooler than the height of summer. The beaches aren’t as packed as the summer months making it a lovely time to go on holiday if you prefer a quieter vacation experience in Camps Bay. The beginning of autumn is still warm enough to enjoy cocktails on the terrace without needing a jacket.
As autumn progresses, you can expect the nights to get longer and colder. While the rainy season hasn’t hit yet, it’s not uncommon to experience a shower or two during April and May. A raincoat may come in handy if you’re keen on exploring Camps Bay or Cape Town’s tourist attractions.


June through to August is the winter season in Cape Town. You can expect it to get quite cool and rainy but the sun will always shine through for a couple of days. Winters in Camps Bay offer the perfect weather for cuddling in bed with a loved one and enjoying hot chocolate and our delicious homemade cookies.
With average temperatures rarely going below 10 C in winter, many guests still enjoy spending their days out doors on the terrace enjoying a book.


Spring is in the air and the flowers are in bloom! Everything is fresh and growing and the weather is starting to warm up. Traffic on Camps Bay beach starts to pick up as holidaymakers and locals flock to the beach to enjoy every ray of sunshine. You can still expect an occasional rain shower during spring but the days are getting longer and the sun warmer.

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