Atholl House is a conscious guesthouse, placing minimal impact on the environment.

We have a passion for protecting our beautiful planet.

We sustain our guests completely off the grid.


We have achieved dramatically lowered carbon emissions, zero coal powered energy intake, significantly reduced our water use and minimised our waste. We support local, small suppliers using ethically sourced, environmentally friendly products.



We hope to lead sustainable practice in tourism by example, and through this enable change in our community. 





Atholl House was built with an innovative environmentally conscious design. This design implements the use of solar powered energy, at no cost to nature’s resources and double-glazed windows, acting as insulators to reduce the need for cooling and heating. Atholl House operates completely without coal-generated energy sources used in South Africa, this reduces the burning of fossil fuels and thus, carbon emissions. 




Atholl House captures and uses rainwater when available and makes use of a grey water filtering system. These systems reduce the amount of water used by our guest house while maintaining normal water usage patterns. We have implemented several other water systems that are co-ordinated to save and re-use water, reducing water loss and water wastage. The Western Cape of South Africa is arid, and more recently has become drought prone. Reducing our water usage allows for less pressure on this life-giving resource. 





We use environmentally friendly, organic products where possible that are non-toxic and do not cause harm in their production, use or disposal. This contributes to help resource conservation and prevents continued pollution to our air, water and land. Sustainable by design, from solar panels and COCO-MAT beds to cleaning supplies and rechargeable batteries. We love supporting local business by building relationships and using products made right here in the heart of Cape Town.