FAQ & House Guide


Welcome to Atholl House, where you can relax and unwind. With just 3 rooms, Atholl House is small, and private and gives you the perfect spot far away from the buzz of the city.


Please remember that we are a guesthouse, not a hotel. Our passionate team is available on site from 7am to 4pm. we will provide you with an emergency number for after service hours during your stay. 

While you are staying with us, we are available via WhatsApp and are just a phone call away. 


Should you wish to make a reservation with us or have any queries outside these hours, please send us an email and we will come back to you within 24 hours. 


We try our utmost to keep your stay sweet and amazing and have put a few measures in place. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our house rules.

Check IN & Check OUT



Check- in time is between 1.00pm - 5.00pm.


Should you require an earlier check-in, please feel free to talk to us. While you wait, you are more than welcome to use the pool, all our facilities as well as the WiFi, honesty bar and access to the coffee machine and snack bar. 

Please note that this service (Early Check-In) comes at an additional charge of R1,250 and will be charged to your account.


We don't charge if you are just dropping off your bags and take off for a quick tour to explore Camps Bay. We will then arrange for the formal check-in at a later time. Please remember that we can't be held liable for any items missing from your bags while they are stored with us. 


Should you require a later check-in than 5pm and this is not flight-related, please let us know beforehand!

As our team still has to travel home after they have checked you in, we are also responsible for their safety and need to ensure that they arrive home safely.


Any non flight-related late arrivals, which have not been arranged with us, will be charged with an additional fee of R750, which we will add to your room bill for a convenient payment at check-out.




Check-out time is until 11.00am.


Should you wish to store your luggage with us until you need to leave for the airport, please chat with us. We are happy to store your luggage for R750.


Should you want to stay longer on the premises, we will grant you access to the amenities of the house and assist you when you are leaving the property. Please note that this service (Late Check Out) comes at an additional charge of R1,250 and will be charged to your account.  

Safety & Security

We do understand that safety and security are your top concern when coming to South Africa.

We are also taking these topics very seriously and have partnered with the private security company ADT, to ensure that your stay here is safe and secure.


In case of any emergency, we have provided two panic buttons for your convenience.

These buttons look like remote controls and are located in the entrance area next to the sideboard and on the lower level next to the staircase. In case of emergency, please press the red button and ADT will be alerted, who will respond to the main gate of the house within a few minutes to assist you.


A list of safety numbers (like police and emergency contacts) can be found in your room.


Please familiarize yourself with them and save them on your phone.


While you are on our premises, we will point out some aspects to keep in mind. Cape Town is safe when you are street smart and apply your commons sense - like in every big city. Let's have a chat about the do's and don'ts when you are here.  


Amenities & Facilities

Parking is available in front of the house.


We have 2 dedicated parking bays right there. Should all 3 rooms be occupied, these parking spots work on a first come first serve base.


As we are in a little Cul de Sac, there are  parking spaces available on the side of the road, which we happily point out to you when you arrive. 

Our rooms are equipped with key cards and readers to ensure your privacy and security. These cards are cut individually for your room, the entrance door as well and the entrance gate.


When you leave your room, please don't bang the doors, and ensure all doors are closed behind you, especially the entrance gate. 


Please remember to always take your key card with you whenever you leave the room to not look yourself out of the room or even the house.


In your room, we provide you with a Netflix bundle and can offer DsTV on request, so you can enjoy your favourite shows and sports matches.


During winters, we provide underfloor heating in the bathrooms as well as electric blankets and the air conditioning can work as a heater.


The air conditioner is set to cold temperatures in the summertime and might take 5 minutes to kick in after you've activated it.

Please be patient with the system as it needs some time to cool the room.



Smoking of cigarettes and vaping is permitted on the balcony or terrace adjacent to your room.


Please be mindful of our fellow guests.


The use of any other substances is prohibited on our premises. Should we become aware of the use of any kind of drugs, we will terminate your stay with immediate effect. You are furthermore liable for the payment of any potential outstanding nights.   

Please note that our fridge is not your typical minibar.


It is stocked with your welcome drinks and snacks, and is then available during your stay for your own grocery purchases.


The little snack items are available throughout your stay and are replenished daily - we know how nice a cookie goes with your morning coffee!


You can enjoy our wines, beers and G&Ts at the honesty bar. Please just write down what you had when you take them. 


Our pool is available for swimming from 7.00am – 7.00pm, and we request you to keep the noise level appropriate.


You'll find pool towels in the room as well as in the pool house.


Once done with your pool experience, please either take the pool towels to your room to use the next day. Alternatively, place them in the grey basket which you will find in the pool house. We will exchange them for fresh ones.


On not so windy days, we are setting the pool with pool cushions and loungers as well as an umbrella. Please keep in mind that the weather can change quickly and we will sometimes put the pool items aside as there is wind predicted. Should you brave the South Easter Storms, you are more than welcome to grab a pool cushion from our pool house to make yourself comfortable.

Just make sure you'll fish it out of the water again should the wind catch it :) 

We trust that you are using the premises with common sense - no jumping to the pool, no running on tiles and careful descend and ascend of all stairs.


Due to the nature of our main travelers, we have decided against handrails and extra safety measures. Please let us know before you are traveling if you have any issues with your mobility so that we can assess if the chosen room is right for you.  


Please note that we will not be held liable for any injuries happening on the premises. The use of all equipment is at your own risk. 


We do understand that you want to show off with this gem of accommodation! Please feel free to take your pictures and videos tag us on Instagram #athollhouse or Facebook #AthollHouse Camps Bay


Should you make use of the outside areas in the evening, please keep your noise level low after 10pm for everyone's night's rest.


Please chat to us should you wish to invite a friend, a colleague or your family over. If our booking calendar allows for that, we can make all necessary arrangements.

During your stay your ill find a lot of little snacks - in your rooms, by the pool, on our sideboard for the afternoon treat.


Please let us know beforehand if you suffer from any food allergies or prefer any dietary requirements so that we can cater accordingly. 


Please remember that we cannot be held liable for any incidents happening during your stay if we have not been advised accordingly.


Should you wish to tip our staff, please feel free to do so at the end of your stay.

We will place an envelope in your room on your last night of your stay and you can discretely leave the tip in cash in there. Alternatively, you can pay via card machine when you check out. A decent tip is R50-R100 per night stayed and all tips received will be evenly distributed amongst our staff members.


Although all our staff undergo regular security screenings and tests, we advise you to put all valuables, including money, passports, jewelry, and electronic equipment, in the room safe for your peace of mind.


Our staff is strictly advised to not take anything from your room! Should you nevertheless have a feeling that something is missing, please let us know immediately so that we can investigate further. 


Please note that we will not be held liable for anything missing from your room. Should you have expensive jewelry with or other valuable items, please advise the Manager on Duty during check-in.

You are more than welcome to request a laundry service.


You will find a laundry bag and a list of items in your room. We charge R150 per load, which we happily add to your bill for convenient payment at check-out. 

Once the laundry is returned, please check you have all your items - and only yours :)


Due to the current load shedding schedule (please see below), please allow for a 24-hour turn around time. Should there be any special instructions (no tumble dry, no ironing), please advise us.


We are unable to accept laundry on the day of arrival or one day before departure.



We understand that load shedding can be an inconvenience, but we have taken measures to minimize the impact on our guests.


We are using a battery buffer, fed by photovoltaic, which is supposed to last 4 hours of load shedding. You will still be able to use all plugs and lights on the house, the fridge is working as well as the coffee machine.


Please download the "Eskom Se Push" app to stay updated on the load-shedding schedule.


During load-shedding periods, the air-condition is not functional as it is consumes too much power.

Please try to avoid to use appliances with high power consumption, such as a kettle or hairdryer, as the voltage fluctuations can damage the battery.


Should there be a total power outage, please phone the Manager on Duty so that we can immediately assess what the situation is.   

Good to know - Dining out

As Cape Town becomes more popular than ever, we recommend to reserve your lunch and dinner spots well in advance.


Especially the fine dining experiences need a reservation at least 3 month prior to your arrival. Most often, they are also requiring a deposit, which will be deducted at the end of your meal.


These are our current favorites when it comes to Fine Dining


La Colombe (Constantia)

Salsify (Camps Bay)

The Foodbarn (Hout Bay)

Bistro 1862 @ Steenberg

Babel @ Babylonstoren

Dusk (Stellenbosch)

Belly of the Beast (City Bowl)

Aubergine (City Bowl)

The Table @ De Meye (stellenbosch)

Fyn (City Bowl)



For a more down to earth meal, we recommend:


Miller's Thumb - Kloof Street

Sea Breeze - Bree Street

Bao Down - Sea Point

Nelson's Eye - Gardens

Bovine - Camps Bay

Hussar Grill - Camps Bay

Manna Epicure - Kloof Nek Road 

We hope you enjoy your stay at Atholl House. Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance or would like to point out any aspects for improvement.


Warm regards,


Your team at Atholl House