Atholl House is a dream come true: a sanctuary that respects and protects South Africa's nature and its unique beauty. With this sustainable concept, we want to make a contribution to tackling climate change - and set new standards. This includes the use of modern technology, careful use of resources and local involvement. Atholl House is the best proof that exclusive comfort and responsible behavior complement each other wonderfully.

Low-emission: We have paid attention to innovative technology and environmental-friendly materials even during construction. Thanks to the in-house solar system, Atholl House is independent of external energy providers - the B&B does not need the coal supply that is common in South Africa. Double glazed windows reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning and heating. This has enabled us to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Saving water: Water is a precious resource - especially in South Africa, which is increasingly affected by periods of drought. This made it all the more important for us to significantly reduce water consumption at Atholl House. As soon as it rains, the water is collected, treated by an innovative filter system and used, for example, for sanitary facilities. Various other systems ensure that water is reused, so that not a drop of the valuable resource is wasted.

Local: For us, sustainability means not only living in harmony with nature, but also with the people of South Africa. At Atholl House we mainly use organic products from selected local suppliers, with whom we are in personal contact and whom we can support on a long term basis. We attach great importance to non-toxic and environmentally friendly products - from production to use to disposal, from sustainable design and natural materials to environmentally friendly detergents and rechargeable batteries.

Dedicated: Part of our sustainable vision is to be committed to the people in the region. Therefore, we regularly donate a part of our income to the charitable organization HIT - Help in Time

It supports various social projects in Cape Town and other African countries. The main aim of "HIT - Help in Time" is to support families from disadvantaged backgrounds and enable their children to receive education and thus have better prospects. Each family is closely accompanied by the team of HIT and creates a a personal, yet individual connection. This way, the team ensures long lasting, healthy relationships.